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Parity is an instant global settlement system available in 57 countries. Its main features are:


  • Transfer money real-time globally 24/7/365;

  • Hold and exchange money in 34 currencies in real-time;

  • Pay in and out using local and international payment methods.


Clients interact with the system through their Parity Wallet applications on mobile phones. Both Android and IOS environments are supported. Clients can deposit funds, exchange one fiat currency for another, withdraw and send funds.

Oxygen is a DeFi Prime Brokerage platform to support a massive user base to enable people to use assets more efficiently in 3 key ways:


  • Multiple use of the same collateral – generate yield by lending your assets and borrowing other assets at the same time.

  • Cross-collateralization – allow users to use their whole portfolio as collateral to borrow other assets leading to lower margin call/liquidation risk.

  • Market-based pricing – Oxygen is order-book based meaning users get the best/fair price for borrowing/lending every time.

Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

Maps.Me provides downloadable travel maps and travel services to over 100 million users.

With Maps.Me users can search & discover, read tourist guides and use start-of-the-art navigation tools available offline all over the world.

In addition, Maps.Me provides integrated global payments, cards, investments, insurance, lending, yield farming, travel services, activities and rewards all in a decentralized way.

Maps.Me also has a governance token MAPS hat provides rewards and discounts as well as the right to participate in the governance of the ecosystem.


Convexity has a vision for a new ecosystem capable of meeting the needs of billions of consumers and businesses building on 8 years of experience and starting with over 100 million existing Maps.Me users.

Smart city and IoT (Internet of Things) concept. ICT (Information Communication Technology

We are a team of technology experts that are dedicated to building financial software. We have developed a suite of platforms that include prime brokerage, global payment services and travel services.

Our focus is on adding value and making powerful applications that are easy to use for everyone.

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world of finance and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses forever. However, to this day, no payment and finance ecosystem has been able to successfully appeal to the mass market and reach mainstream adoption.

Parity is an instant global settlement system available in 57 countries. It allows users to transfer money globally in real-time.

Oxygen adds prime brokerage to the portfolio of companies which is a core building block for financial markets. Traditionally prime brokerage has only been available to larger financial institutions. Oxygen changes the status quo and opens up prime brokerage for anyone who wants to use it.

These are just three platforms and already represent a seismic shift in the accessibility of systems that were previously unattainable for most people.

This is just the start...




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